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[OC Chat] TIME - About time for peeps to wake. | EVENT - Heading to boarding site to greet teammates.


Alpha Terminal is an RP set about a decade and some years in the future. Space travel has become much simpler, and scientists are on a quest to discover planets similar to Earth beyond the stars. Spaceships called 'reavers' are used to send squadrons into deep space on these expeditions for new life. Your character is part of the first ever child squadron, sending adolescents into the skies after training and a multitude of tests. However, it all goes awry when the reaver goes a bit off track. After a desperate accident, they find themselves lost in deep space with unfamiliar stars, and they must act fast in order to survive. - - - - - - - - This is an OC chat with this bullshit idea that came to mind one day. After many thoughts and some debating, it has been made. The main mod is not very smart with half the things they put together, so if you could provide some insight and some suggestions without changing the whole 'plot' or otherwise setting, it will be very much welcomed! [b]SHIP DESCRIPTION[/b] [br] [u]Control Room[/u] [br] Where the magic happens. Basically where the ship is navigated, where communication takes place, and where all the important shit goes down. Maps, ship functions, radios, and other communication services are held here. [br] [u]Main Room[/u] [br] Essentially the living room, generally where you go to navigate to other rooms. Has surveillance screens showing certain areas of the ship, such as the boiler room and control room, and outside of the ship as well. It also contains some furniture and stuff for basic relaxing needs. [br] [u]Kitchen[/u] [br] Directly connected to the Main Room. This place has some food fit for extraterrestrial travel. Though it's not fit for a 5 star restaurant, the food cooked here tastes lke genuine, passable homecooked meals. [br] [u]Dorms[/u][br] These rooms are not shown on the surveillance screens, of course. These are the passengers' rooms. They provide beds, a desk, and a small computer (mostly for entertainment and possibly surveillance connections). They're also personalized perfectly to the passengers' liking via very well-made simulations. They technically are holograms, but they look and feel incredibly realistic.[br] [u]Lavatories[/u] [br] Bathrooms. They're like hotel bathrooms, pretty nice looking. Not much else to say. [br] [u]Entertainment Hall[/u] [br] Essentially uses simulations to provide equipment for any hobby you like. Games, TV, gardening, writing, you name it, it's got it.[br] [u]Training Room[/u] Uses simulations to provide physical and mental training for any passenger who chooses to use it. [u]Boiler Room[/u] Filled with engines and other contraptions used to keep the ship running. Only adults are allowed in here, and it remains locked until needed. - - - - - - - - [u]Time[/u]: It's about time everyone wakes up from their slumber and get to work. [u]Event[/u]: Boarding and getting to know your fellow space team. - - - - - - - - [url=https://mxrp.chat/no_idea_man][color=#f96c79][u]OOC Room[/u][/color][/url] | [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1szFQCxGsORK6ec45JA62xl4TQPNMy-m7T3fGARHE3BA/edit#gid=0][color=#f96c79][u]Reserves[/u][/color][/url] [u]Quote Wall[/u]:


[color=#5da4f4]1. Don't be a dick OOC or make arguments extend out for long periods of time. We don't want this shit. Common sense man.[/color] [color=#f96c79]2. All OCs should be human, prosthetic/cyborg parts will be accepted but don't go overboard, or go full robot. We mostly human here unless things change later in the rp.[/color] [color=#5da4f4]3. Since we're gonna have restrictions on amounts of characters I would like it if only one person had one muse, if not many come around then you may take up another OC as long as they get the same approval. Application is in the OOC.[/color] [color=#f96c79]4. Be literate. More than four sentences per response, if you can. If you got some spelling problems that's not an issue. But please do your best with punctuation and all. It's Paragraph for a reason. Thank you.[/color] [color=#5da4f4]5. No godmodding. We ain't on those levels. No infinite weapons or food or some shit. Be reasonable. And on the topic of reasoning. There should be no fucking in space. Take your nasty asses to Pms.[/color] [color=#f96c79]6. If you're gone for three days without explanation your OC be kicked outta existence. Tell beforehand. And also, please do not hold someone back from rping with others. If you're gonna be gone long and they wanna get stuff done, talk with them before you have to leave. Some people aren't that patient, either. Be mindful.[/color] [color=#5da4f4]7. No heavy gore or shit in here. We may be labeled NSFW Violent but we are not on the extreme end of the spectrum my dudes. On that topic, anything that upset someone, for any given reason, must not be spoken of or shown. We'll have a list of stuff here to try avoid for comfort sake.[/color] [color=#f96c79]List: [spoiler]- Vore Jokes - Nsfw(sex) references. Non sexual nude refs are fine.[/spoiler][/color] [color=#5da4f4]If you done read everything please go to the ooc room and start applying there. Thank you.[/color]