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The felt mansion is lonely | Intermission/Problem Sleuth chat! | Mod Crowbar can't laugh. Prove him wrong.


Welcome to feltandmidnightcrewstuff's Intermission chat. Do feel free to be either a Felt member or a Midnight Crew member. OCs and Team Sleuth welcome! Do feel free to ship characters too! I love shipping! Are you tired of people kicking you out of group chats, all because you wanna RP as Lord English, Doc Scratch or any Felt/Midnight Crew member? Threat no more. Here's a Felt-friendly chat for those who care for these green bozos. After all, they deserve better and so do The Midnight Crew and Team Sleuth! If you want to be a character that's already been taken, please do! We don't mind. Have as much muses as you like The Felt aren't loved enough and everyone keeps telling RPers that they can't be Felts! So, here's a home for Intermission fans 🎱 This chat against Intermission skippers! OH YEAH! AUs/VARIATIONS WELCOME: Tricksters The Folt Genderbends Carapacian/leprechaun speciesswaps Babies/children Any AUs that involve The Felt I know who The Folt are now, here are their names: Ferrum [01] Rem [02] Shade [03] Clovor [04] Cease [05] Dice [06] Jemmy [07] Myriadame [08] Scar [09] Antithesis [10] Glim [11] Scramble [12] Crackers [13] Dollars [14] Bottles [15] MODS (PWB's): Mod Matchsticks (me, I created this chat) Mod Slick Mod Droog Mod Deuce Mod Clover Mod Itchy Mod Die Mod Doze Mod Crowbar Mod Problem Sleuth Mod Clover 2.0 / PI Mod Slick 2/Ghost If you want your mod name that's already listed, that's okay, I can just add a number on the side (e.g if someone is Mod Slick and you want to be Mod Slick, I can always refer to you as Mod Slick 2) Also, if you're unsatisfied with your mod name, let me know and I will change it. Mod names must be related to a Felt member, carapacian or Problem Sleuth character About the mods: Mod Matchsticks (creator): Erin/19/Female/Asexual/♌ I am an autistic girl who has an unhealthy obsession with The Felt! I don't join other group chats because people have been judging me and have been a little harsh on me, so I created this one. I'm a friendly and good-hearted person so don't be afraid to talk to me or PM me. I take art requests as well. Please use she/her Mod Slick: My nickname is Leia and im a 14 year old girl. I have bipolar disorder and im a scorpio. My hobbies include roleplaying, drawing and painting as well as writing fanfics. Mod Droog: Mod Deuce: Rosie/23/Female/Straight/Libra I am a freelance artist from Australia. I have a rather busy schedule, but will get on here whenever I can. I have asperger's syndrome, so please bear with me. I try to be as nice as I can with everyone, I will also happily answer any questions you may have. Thanks. Mod Clover: Amber or Amanda Panda/17/Female/Bisexual/♒ I'm a learning artist from Maine. I'm very shy depending on the issues, school started so I might not be on often. I have a form of OCD with colors but that's not gonna stop me, maybe it will...uh, we'll see. Anyway that's all I'm going into have a good day and be safe out there! Mod Itchy: Rage/Female/Asexual/Gemini. I live in Scotland and my interests include the Intermission, cats, roleplaying and video games. Mod Die: Stabby/30/Female/Asexual/Capricorn. Just an autistic goblin who plays video games and likes the Intermission. I have a brain lesion giving me a permanent headache and making me tired so I may disappear for days at a time. Sorry in advance. Mod Doze: heyo, i'm doze!! i'm a trans male, so he/him pronouns only please ^^; i'm a leo, but i've strayed so far from that zodiac that i really don't feel like one anymore. i have a type of social anxiety, so sometimes i mess up around people, but i'm usually pretty healthy and talkative, so go ahead and talk to me if you'd like! Mod Crowbar: Hi! I'm Mod Crowbar. You can call me Crowbar, HM, KA, KAmber, or Amber. I'm a young adult male and my zodiac is...Leo, i think. I'm a big homestuck, undertale, and problem sleuth fan that enjoys to roleplay and play any type of game that doesn't involve death or drinking. Mod Sleuth: Mod Clover/PI: Jackel/Kel/Jack|18+|Male|Pansexual|Capricorn I'm an aspiring artist with a thing for too many fandoms, coffee, lack of sleep and music. I am very sensitive to different hues of color! I tend to RP too many people, so I have probably roleplayed everyone from homestuck already, aside from Hussie(he is such a self insert). Mod Slick 2: #58/Female/19/????/Libra/ I'm mod Slick 2 and i love to draw and i watch a lot of cartoons. That's it really. (Mods, add a little bit about yourselves here I'm not saying you have to do this but add your name/nickname, age, gender, sexuality and zodiac sign) Also, check out my other chatroom, AskTheFeltandMidnightCrew: https://mxrp.chat/askthefeltandmidnightcrew


Keep offensive swears censored and to a minimum. I know Homestuck has swearing, but I just want this to be safe (well keep it PG) If you want to swear, please censor it like so (f**k or sh*t) and use less offensive words such as crap, gay (but don't be homophobic), ass, bitch, damn, etc. Also, you can use internet slang that contains a swear like 'wtf' or 'omfg'. That should be swearing enough The reason why I don't really allow swears, it's because it can be offensive to others and it can become distressing and rude. This is a SFW chat and I'd like swears to be censored, okay Please don't talk about characters having sex, that's for NSFW crap only. And certainly, NO DATING OR BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND TALK! You can have your boyfriends/girlfriends but just keep your sexy talk to yourselves. If you want to talk about sex, put it in spoilers. If you're not sure how: [ spoiler ] something random [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces) [spoiler]something random[/spoiler] I can allow very mild blood, cartoon and slapstick violence! Respect others you're chatting with. Don't be mean to other people. Also, please be kind to anons and respect people's opinions. No discrimination about people's race, gender, age, sexuality, nationality, religion, disability, etc No force-shipping please. Let people ship whoever they want. Whenever it's some rare ship like Itchy x Die or a canon character x OC. Everyone has the right to ship whoever they want and nobody is the judge of the ships. I have a list of Intermission ships, some contain canon x OC (ie: Die x Gulaabee and Quarters x Sweet) and some are well-loved (ie: Itchy x Doze, Crowbar x Snowman and Eggs x Biscuits) Don't send in links that have nothing to do with Homestuck and especially any that contains sexual crap or realistic violence. It makes others uncomfortable and it's gross. If you have non-Homestuck link to send, please tell me what the link is about first and I might or might not approve of that link You can mention boobs and privacy parts but don't show pics of them naked. If you have anything to say/show that I think are NSFW, you can send me a PM because I am NOT making an NSFW chat Feel free to let the leprechaun/carapacian of your choice be out of character. I love it when people give characters more personality Feel free to send me links of some Intermission fanart Don't give out personal information (your email, password, home address, school, workplace, phone number) I'm not interested in your crap. Also, this is for your own safety Please note that the mod (me) is autistic, so I may not understand much No crossovers unless it's the Intermission characters teaming up with Problem Sleuth characters You can't be a character outside Homestuck or Problem Sleuth You can be the following: Lord English, Doc Scratch, leprechaun, carapacian, Caliborn, Calliope, Handmaid or Team Sleuth. Normally, I wouldn't allow anyone to be a non leprechaun/carapacian (i.e: a kid or a troll). For now, only members of The Felt, Midnight Crew, exiles or Problem Sleuth Duplicates of characters are allowed. There are numbers on the side, so it's fine Genderbends are welcome Feel free to ask me anything If you're talking out of character or if you just wanna be social, just use brackets like this () If I'm saying anything that makes you uncomfortable, I'd be happy to talk about something else Also read the MSPARP rules (if only they would stop taking too long to respond) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ I need more mods. Here's how you can be one: You must be loyal to me and the chat You must be mature (or at least mature-ish) You must love or at least appreciate The Felt, Midnight Crew, carapacians, leprechauns and Problem Sleuth You can't be too strict! We want to be fair as possible You can't mistreat other people More rules coming soon...