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[color=#5d3667]~ Talk[/color] [color=#5d4f8a]about[/color] [color=#87a4c8]Space ~[/color] [color=#4c00a4]Welcome to The Space Vacuum. This isn't a role play chat so if that's what you're looking for then sorry. This is just a place to hang out and chill for a bit. For those of you who choose to stick around then hello! We're happy to have you here. Please read over the rules and ask the owner or a mod if you have an questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that sometimes mods can't be online, we all have lives of our own here so please be patient with the wait. Other than that just have fun in here and meet new people, that's the point of this chat. Chat created on: January 13[sup][u]th[/u][/sup], 2019[/color] [font=Arial Black][color=#6a47ff]~~~ LINKS AND THINGS ~~~[/color][/font] [color=#04ff00]> [/color][url=http://forums.msparp.com/][color=#04ff00]Forums[/color][/url] [color=#04ff00]> [/color][url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za2PJnCAkUA][color=#04ff00]New member initiation[/color][/url] [color=#04ff00]> [/color][url=https://www.cherubplay.co.uk/][color=#04ff00]Cherubplay[/color][/url] [font=Arial Black][color=#6a47ff]~~~ MOD LIST ~~~[/color][/font] [color=#5e00ff] Astrid (Chat creator)[/color] [color=#2db92d]Ikfree Korkes[/color] [color=#2e8b52]A Turtle[/color] [sub][color=#eeeeee]Light theme gang sucks. This post was made by dark theme gang.[/color][/sub]


[font=Arial Black][color=#6a47ff]~~~ GENERAL RULES ~~~[/color][/font] [color=#4c00a4]1.) Please be respectful of the other people within the chat, and please be respectful when a moderator warns you if you've broken a rule. 2.) Please be someone other than anonymous, and no play on the word anonymous other (i.e. anonymouse). 3.) Due to the fact that this is a safe for work chat, and that there will be minors most likely joining, we please ask that you keep NSFW sexual content out of here. (This goes for names, reference pictures, etc.) 4.) This may not be a role play chat but that doesn't mean we don't discuss headcanons for characters we enjoy playing. Therefore please don't bash someone's headcanons/ships. That's just rude and unwarranted. 5.) If you see someone in this chat that you have beef with please do not publicly out them for this can start drama and that's something that is unwanted here. If you see someone here who you believe to be harmful please privately message the owner or a moderator and explain the situation. If you have proof of this person being harmful then please provide it for it can help your case a whole lot more. We want to keep our members safe and out of harm's way. 6.) This is not a place to spread hate on the chats of others and therefore if you have a problem with someone else's chat please keep it to yourself. The reason for this is so that we don't have users constantly going over to said chat and harassing their users, same as we wouldn't want people coming in here and harassing ours. 7.) No flashing refs or intense gradients. This is due to some people on the site who may have epilepsy and we'd like to prevent someone from having a seizure. 8.) Please no spamming the chat. [/color] [font=Arial Black][color=#6a47ff]~~~ RULES FOR MODERATORS ~~~[/color][/font] [color=#4c00a4]1.) Just because you are a moderator doesn't give your permission to do as you please. Please abide by the general rules as well as the moderator rules.[/color] [color=#4c00a4]2.) If you wish to make someone else a mod in here please make sure that they have been an[/color] [u][i][color=#6a47ff]ACTIVE[/color][/i][/u] [color=#4c00a4]member of the chat for at least two weeks.[/color] [color=#4c00a4]3.) Please try to be as active as you can, of course its understandable that you need time to yourself but when you are able to be on the site, please be active on the chat. 4.) If you need to take action against someone in here please abide by our strike policy that will be listed underneath of these rules.[/color] [font=Arial Black][color=#6a47ff]~~~ STRIKE POLICY ~~~[/color][/font] [color=#4c00a4]1.) You will receive a warning from either a moderator or the owner in the public chat or in DMs. 2.) You will be silenced for 10 minutes, no more, no less. 3.) You will then be banned from the chat if you have reached a third suspense, no repeal.[/color]