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come on and fuckging slam // 6 humans and 6 troll spots open


[color=#ff0000][i]SBURB is currently auto-entry! Anyone who hadn't already entered the Medium is now in it![/i][/color] [sub][sup]al has yaoi hands[/sup][/sub] [font=courier new]From the depths of paradox space, a new session emerges... We are on another Earth and another Alternia, in the year 20XX, on the launch date of the highly anticipated new game SBURB/SGURB. You and your TUMULTUOUS GROUP of FRIENDS and ACQUAINTANCES have just received your copies of the mysterious game you have long been waiting for. What else is there to do but play? On this fortuitous day, you have also received a STRANGE MESSAGE containing a link to a dubiously titled "tech-support" memo, where another group who may or may not be ALIENS from OUTER SPACE has gathered. It is hard to say what any of this means, but somehow, you get the feeling there is more to this intriguing video game.[/font] *** [sub][sup]al is stinky[/sup][/sub] Welcome! This is a single combined session of 10 trolls and 10 humans. Please read the guidelines and then fill out an application (either in chat or in the Discord) to join! [ [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LbXfbYBLFrCcX1RkZDTxIoc08BwXCSuqMt-LBL95WGE/edit#gid=0][color=#389853][u]RESERVES SHEET[/u][/color][/url] ] [ [url=https://discord.gg/9brh4fT][color=#6D199F][u]DISCORD[/u][/color][/url] ] [u]APPLICATION[/u] [raw][spoiler] Name: Handle: Gender: Age: Personality/Traits: (doesn't have to be very in depth, just give an idea of what your character is like!) Hex/Blood Color: Strife Specibus: Dream Moon: Godtier: Land: [/spoiler][/raw] [u][color=#ff0000]Guidelines![/color][/u] [color=#6D199F]- Humans must have four-letter first names - Trolls must have six-letter first names and last names - No double classpects - No more than one of each class and aspect in each of the troll and human groups [spoiler]So for example, there can be a human Bard and a troll Bard, but there can't be two human Bards[/spoiler] - Double castes are fine for trolls, with the exception of mutantbloods and fuchsiabloods[/color]


[color=#9900CC]1) Have fun! What's the point of this chat if you're not?[/color] [color=#9216D3]2) Be respectful, or no one will want to rp with you. Contact the mods with any concerns regarding any members you have an issue with and we will handle it accordingly.[/color] [color=#8A2CDB]3) NSFW jokes and innuendos are good, but put any potentially triggering content in spoilers. Absolutely no smut whatsoever.[/color] [color=#8342E2]4) Gore is fine. Gratuitous gore is not.[/color] [color=#7C57E9]5) Avoid godmodding and other such behaviors! Try to keep your interactions reasonable, and ask OOC if there is any doubt.[/color] [color=#756DF0]6) Reserves will be periodically cleared of inactive members. If you haven't been online and [i]actually rped[/i] in[/color] [color=#ff0000]two weeks[/color] [color=#756DF0]your spot will be cleared. Please notify a moderator if you need to be absent for a long period of time![/color] - 6A) This amount of time is subject to change, depending on what's going on in the rp! [color=#6D83F8]7) Please use parentheses, brackets, or something similar to denote OOC, just so there's no confusion![/color] [color=#6699FF]8) Please no excessively bright colors, or fonts that are really hard to read. If a mod asks you to change colors/fonts, don't take it personally![/color]