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Welcome to souls 4 sessions, where people try and kill each other on the daily


(Soulmate idea sort've based of of [url=https://mxrp.chat/soulmate_session]this[/url]! It's full right now, but it's cool! Check it out if it gets un-full!) All players (except mod #1 because, she is idiot) are auto'ed in because that Server/Client shit is annoying. ~~~ [font=Rockwell]We all know there are soulmates. We just don't have them. [color=#b24bb2]Eighteen (18) kids, scattered across the universes, are without soulmates. Some are angry, some are sad, and some just don't care. It doesn't change the depressing fact that they still are alone. But one day, out of nowhere, all of them are thrust into a memo and not allowed to leave. What adventure is in store for them? And maybe, just maybe, they'll find someone who loves them...?[/color][/font] ~~~ You all got an invite from [color=#ffffff]The Cueball King[/color], an asshole that types in all white to this memo, with SBurb pinned. You join for [i]some[/i] reason. Maybe to fill the soulmateless Void in your Heart, to get some of the overwhelming Rage off your Mind? Maybe you Hope that someone will be there to help you along your empty path? Or maybe you're just really fucking bored. Regardless, you join. What could go wrong? ~~~ MEMO PINS! [spoiler]SBurb.exe Game Guide[/spoiler] [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N9u8fjXsRT_1cfL3lIOx36lM7QHL30wJE9erw8-MaPw/edit?usp=sharing]RESERVES![/url] QUOTES [spoiler]PR: This memo ͻonld be nnder the Empire's watͻh' yon know CC: Then let just CC: FUCK YOU F1SH L1PS ((I enjoy trama ((drama ((DRAMA ((horny laundry basket ((GOD FUCK THAT WAS ALEX tw inc*est [s]EE: (・ω・`)……… i know a lot about incest. its important shit. ((INSECTS[/s] [/spoiler] [spoiler] Nescio and Inayat pleeeease come back [/spoiler]


1. Please, for the love of God, be a decent person in OOC. Don't ruin the chat for everyone. 2. Don't god mod! PLEASE!!!! 2b. Don't pull a John and God Tier in like, a day! 3. Ask before taking a spot! 3b. No class or aspect repeats. Or even worse...CLASSPECT REPEATS!!!! 4. Try and have a balanced diet of gorls and bois. (uh and derse and prospit too) 5. Don't make your character the sterotypical emo goth kid who needs no soulmate! This whole chat is about bonding...and Homestuck, of course. 5b. Don't make your troll too...happy. Like, Nepeta happy is fine, but no "OwO what's this fwiendo do you need a hug?" or else your kicked, buddy. 6. Gore is fine! Exessive gore is also fine! But if someone tells you to can it because it's really bothering them, please do so! 6b. Trigger list! [spoiler]Alchoholism. Also, the password is...your favorite vine![/spoiler] 7. Please tell us when you'll be leaving for a bit! If you're AWOL for more than two days, you're spot will be up for grabs!!! Just a little note from mod #2- Guys. Don't join this chat if you don't think that you can be active all of the time. Bcs right now, that's sort of an issue,,, so please RP Please follow the rules, or else you will get silenced, kicked, and ultimately, banned! And I don't want that :( [spoiler] guys can you put a spoiler inside of a spoiler because iv'e been trying to do that for way too long[/spoiler] [color=#b24bb2]And as always,[/color]