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No player limit. Welcome to Shelterheld: A Homestuck Fansession. (Population: 131)


You are placed in a memo. Nobody seems to have put you there, and you're unable to leave. The only bit of information attached to the memo is a file: Sburb.exe. Also, there are aliens. DISCLAIMER!!! Don't expect this to be a session the our players win. This is a highly experimental session, one that'll be driven mostly by character interaction. If you want a planned and coherent story, this isn't the place for you! [u]Upcoming events![/u] [sub][u]Sburby Way Wishes pt. 1[/u] "Accompany Obsiduss (CU) as he explores the first planet of his land. Grab as many frogs as you can." Players who won't immediately kill all the frogs, welcome! Player list: Obsiduss. Status: Ongoing[/sub] [u]Resources![/u] [url=https://mxrp.chat/dreambubble-1]Dreambubbles[/url] [url=https://mxrp.chat/extra_memo_to_keep_the_piece]second_memo_to_keep_the_piece[/url] [url=https://mxrp.chat/progressionmemo]progressionmemo[/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNXVDCjX19pqqwBdqhPkoIVxiImvrSspeswloI9zIRc/edit#gid=1759656502]Reserves[/url] [url=https://discord.gg/F8ZfJbR]Discord[/url] [color=grey]-- [/color]chumHandle [color=grey][[/color]CH[color=grey]] joined the memo at [??:??:??] --[/color] [spoiler][raw][color=grey]-- [/color]chumHandle [color=grey][[/color]CH[color=grey]] joined the memo at [??:??:??] --[/color][/raw][/spoiler]


1. You may play any aspect, whether it's been used or not. You may play any class (yes, even lord and muse, just tone it back a bit with their power), whether it's been used or not. You may play any class/aspect combination, whether it's been used or not. 2. There is no limit to the number of muses you may add to the reserves! You're not even required to keep all of them updated, you can leave them inactive for weeks for all I care. As long as you're not trapping other characters in interactions, fill in reserves to your heart's content! 3. This is a self-entry session! No servers or clients, you build for yourself! As for the gates? The first one will take you to whichever land you're looking to get to, and the rest just take you to various locations on your land. 4. If you're joining this days, weeks, or even months after Alternia/Earth should be blown to bits, don't worry about it! Chronological dissonance will get you caught up. When your character connects to the memo, they'll be connecting from the 'past', before or during the meteor shower. But when they enter the game, they'll be caught up to exactly where everyone else is in the session's timeline! Make sense? Yes. It does. Trust me. 5. For the sake of avoiding any accidentally incestuous relationships, your character will only be ectobiologically related to their direct scratch counterpart! No gene mixing, just mutations. Go date to your heart's content, fools. 6. If your character dies, just slash out their name in the reserves! If your character's planet is destroyed, just slash out it's name in the reserves! Easy peasy. 7. No god modding! From assuming actions of another's muse, to even implying that a character did something that was not explicitly stated by their mun, it all counts! Work with what you're given. And if it's not enough, take it up with them. 8. On the topic of fuchsia's, here's the deal! They're still a rarity on Alternia, sure, but more than one can exist at a time. They're just destined to battle one another for the right to battle the Condesce. Or, were, before this game popped up! 9. Dancestors are in play here! They originate from separate instances of their universes, but both Side A characters and Side B characters will be connected to the same memo, and join the same game. For the sake of clarity, Beforus doesn't exist! Both instances of Alternia both function societally the same, as do both instances of Earth. 10. You don't need to have any dancestors for your characters if you don't want to! Furthermore, even if you don't have a post/pre-scratch counterpart for a character, you're allowed to place them in the post-scratch 'Human B/Troll B' reserves and universe! Feel free to even things out of one side of the scratch is looking a little slim.