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Furry Fansession! 4/12 slots OPEN!!


[color=#518433]Ever sat down and looked at all of your [s]possibly neglected[/s] furry characters and thought, "man, it sure would be fun to roleplay them, and maybe even in a session of SBURB?" If you said yes, this is absolutely the place for you! If you said no, well... Now you're thinking it! So it applies still![/color] [color=#4D7F30]SFURB is a furry/anthro-only sessions--Meaning no trolls or humans, and throwing out all that cross-planetary confusion. It'll run very similar to a human-only session, as characters will be living on an alternate version of Earth--Much like ours, but with more leniency on creativity and mysticism. There's even a little leeway for more advanced technology or minor magic, given it makes sense in the context of your character and their species, but you [i]will[/i] have to talk about it with mods. Other than that? It runs entirely like a normal session; 12 [s]people[/s] furries get a cool new game called [s]SBURB[/s] SFURB that's already anticipating a [i]ton[/i] of traction. In this particular instance, your character has signed up for (or been signed up for) a closed beta of SFURB, and those selected have been added to a group memo to prepare for the multiplayer aspect that SFURB is supposed to rely on. The following is pinned at the top of the memo: [/color] - - - - - - - - - - - - [color=#57c94b]sfurbHelper[/color] [[color=#57c94b]BOT[/color]] sent an invite to the memo [color=#57c94b]SFURB[/color] to 12 users! - - [color=#57c94b]BOT: Hello! Welcome to the group memo for the closed SFURB beta! If you've been invited here, that means you've been selected to playtest SFURB, primarily it's multiplayer aspects! It's recommended that you talk amongst yourselves and get to know each other for better cooperation and the ultimate playtesting experience! BOT: We've decided to select 12 members, and any member that does not accept the invite to the memo or decides to leave it will be replaced in a timely manner, ensuring any inactive players or those who change their mind will not hinder your experience! You will almost always have a full group to help you along the way! BOT: Depending on your selection when you signed up for the closed beta, you will either receive a physical disk in the mail or a digital copy by email sometime within the next two weeks. Once all member have received their disks, an automated message will be sent to ensure all members are present, and gameplay will be unlocked! BOT: Without further ado, enjoy the memo and prepare for the life changing experience of SFURB that awaits you, players! BOT: [i][sub]This is an automated set of messages! For questions or concerns, please visit out website and request assistance. Thank you![/sub][/i][/color] - - - - - - - - - - [color=#4A7B2E]Isn't that nice! I'm sure you really want to get in on this now, right? [i]Right?[/i][/color] [color=#47772B]Good! So, just read the rules, and then check out the links below! :D Don't forget to send the password in chat before joining the [i]mandatory[/i] Discord server![/color] - - - - - - - - - - [color=#57c94b][u]Mods [i]![/i][/u][/color] - [color=#23238c]oathboundHonor [OH] [#1][/color] - [color=#87312d]unremittingElegance [UE] [#2][/color] [color=#57c94b][u]Links [i]![/i][/u][/color] [url=https://discord.gg/ydd9JJe48C][color=#47a63d][u]Discord[/u][/color][/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v3tPS_ZscrkeKKTk04Tuoy7voySGoXYFQ-m1y5UhoNA/edit?usp=sharing][color=#47a63d][u]Sheets[/u][/color][/url] [color=#47a63d][sub]view only! editable in disc![/sub][/color] [url=https://mxrp.chat/gay_ass_furries][color=#47a63d][u]NSFW[/u][/color][/url]


[color=#57c94b][u]General [i]![/i][/u][/color] [color=#447329]1. NO BIGOTS OR CREEPS! That means no racists, no anti-Semites, no Islamaphobes, no homophobes/lesbiphobes/biphobes/transphobes, no TERFs/SWERFs, no misogynists, no Nazis, no zoophiles, no pedophiles or 'MAPs', no incest likers, and no other weird ass shit. You know what I'm talking about! -> 1a. No LGBTphobia includes being anti she/they gays, he/they lesbians, nonbinary gays/lesbians, xenogender & neopronoun users, transmasc lesbians & transfem gays, etc. -> 1b. No slur usage of any kind, including queer when used in a derogatory manner (it's entirely okay when used as an identity!) and f*mboy.[/color] [color=#416E27]2. NO MINORS! None! Nobody under 18! No one! No exceptions! No special cases! No!!! Minors!!!! Not only will this chat discuss NSFW topics, but it is [i]strictly[/i] against MXRP site-wide rules. If you really want to do a Homestuck/Fansession RP, look on Disboard! Tons of minor-inclusive RPs there. -> 2a. Mods reserve the right to ask for ID verification at any time if any suspicion is found that a member is under 18 years of age. Decline to do so will result in a ban. (This is a rare occurrence, all information besides your DOB and face may be blocked out!)[/color] [color=#3E6A24]3. NO STOLEN ART! If your refs for your character include art that is not yours, it MUST be properly credited. We will also not allow the use of images from artists of their OCs or creations if it does not belong to you; Artists spend a lot of time on their OCs and work! You have no right to take it and make it your own against their will.[/color] [sub][spoiler]the first half of the password is "aww the"[/spoiler][/sub] [color=#3B6622]4. DON'T BE A DICK! This is your catch-all 'be a decent fucking human being' rule. Treat others how you want to be treated, no bullying or harassment, etc. Just be nice and normal to your fellow RPers. -> 4a. If we get word and proof of you being a dick, bigot, creep, etc. in other sessions/servers, we can and will contact you to discuss the issue and/or hand out a ban. Breaking any of the rules directly in the chat/server can result in an automatic ban without explanation, and in some cases no explanation will be given for bans as a result of issues in other sessions/servers.[/color] [color=#386220]5. BE ACTIVE! You are asked to be active at least once a week; I understand that life gets busy, but chat dies when everyone is being inactive! Each week I'll do an activity sweep and DM anyone who hasn't been active, asking if they'd like to stay with us, at which point you will have 3 days to be active on the memo before you are officially kicked. If you need longer than that, it can absolutely be arranged! Communication is key -> 5a. Activity means being SUBSTANTIALLY active in the memo ROLEPLAYING at least once a week. It won't count if you're active OOC or only pop in with your character to say "hi." No roleplay walls or things like that are required, but be able to sit down and have a conversation in chat, IC. -> 5b. If you are kicked for inactivity, you are welcome to reapply if a slot is open! However, you will be required for the next 2 weeks to be active at least TWICE a week rather than once. After a second kick, you are not welcome back.[/color] [color=#345D1D]6. BE MINDFUL OF TRIGGERS! I'll make a trigger list in the Discord for all person-specific triggers, which must ALWAYS be spoilered and TW'd with a SPECIFIED trigger (i.e. tw drugs [spoiler]drugs[/spoiler]). However, please tag all basic triggering topics. Do [I]NOT[/I] talk about rape, incest, pedophilia, or zoophilia under ANY circumstances.[/color] [color=#345D1D]7. NO GODMODDING/METAGAMING! Just because you know something doesn't mean your character does! It should either be discussed OOC that your character knows an important detail, or it should happen directly in RP. No overpowered characters either, it makes it less fun for everyone involved. Even in their Godtiered states, characters have their weaknesses![/color] [color=#2E5519]8. NO NSFW ON MAIN! Jokes and offhand mentions are fine, but all actual NSFW should be kept to the NSFW chat linked above![/color] [color=#57c94b][u]Character [i]![/i][/u][/color] [color=#284C14]1. NO UNDERAGED CHARACTERS! All characters must be between 20-25 years old. No older, no younger, no exceptions. It's fine for NPCs (such as family members) to be older/younger, but no PCs may be.[/color] [color=#254812]2. NO BIGOTTED/CREEP CHARACTERS! If they fit under and of the categories of rule 1, they probably don't belong here. I may be willing to make some exceptions [i]if it is discussed with me first.[/i][/color] [color=#22440F]3. NO RULES ON SPECIES! This means you can be [i]any[/i] species of furry/scalie/etc! This includes primates, insects, reptiles, mythical or extinct creatures, mammals... The list goes on! As long as it isn't humanoid, it flies! There's no limit on how many "doubles" there can be of a species, either, so we could all be the emo wolves of our dreams if we wanted.[/color] [color=#1F400D]4. NO DOUBLE CLASSES OR ASPECTS! Since we don't have a distinction between trolls and humans in this session, I've decided to make it so there can only be [i]one[/i] of each class and [i]one[/i] of each aspect. Meaning be can't have a Knight of Blood and a Knight of Breath, or a Prince of Heart and a Page of Heart. [/color] [sub][spoiler]the second half of the password is "skrunkly"! type the whole pass in chat spoilered[/spoiler][/sub] [color=#1F400D]-> 4a. Keep in mind we need at least 1 Space player and 1 Time player! If you're looking at the sheets and are one of the last to apply and see that we're lacking, consider this before submitting your application! If we get to all slots being filled and don't have at least one of each, I'll have to ask someone(s) to change depending on the situation. -> 4b. No Lords or Muses.[/color] [color=#1F400D]And, of course,[/color]