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name: Spacequest password: dodo --- [url=https://msparp.com/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmsparp.com%2Foverseer2_spacequest_rp]RP interactions[/url] --- [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Artkind]Page[/url] of Heart; Land of Metal and Mazes; [spoiler]Rust, Copper, Lead, Silicon, Mercury, Sulfur, Iron, Gold, Titanium[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Forkkind]Knight[/url] of Light; Land of Memories and Marigolds; [spoiler]Chalk, Iodine, Marble, Amethyst, Garnet, Caulk, Obsidian, Gold, Lux[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Chairkind]Prince[/url] of Life; Land of Spires and Overgrowth; [spoiler]Rust, Chalk, Malachite, Fluorite, Obsidian, Iron, Permafrost, Redstone, Gold[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Spearkind]Bard[/url] of Breath; Land of Castles and Tornadoes; [spoiler]Jet, Tar, Blood, Garnet, Lead, Cobalt, Obsidian, Star_Sapphire, Onyx[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Stringskind]Heir[/url] of Time; Land of Gears and Noise; [spoiler]Copper, Rock_Candy, Nitrogen, Iron, Moonstone, Uranium, Emerald, Titanium, Diamond[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Axekind]Mage[/url] of Blood; Land of Ichor and Umbra; [spoiler]Jet, Tar, Blood, Garnet, Lead, Cobalt, Obsidian, Star_Sapphire, Onyx[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Percussionkind]Seer[/url] of Void; Land of Haze and Clearing; [spoiler]Malachite, Shale, Sandstone, Obsidian, Sunstone, Moonstone, Redstone, Uranium, Diamond[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac924][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Whipkind]Thief[/url] of Space; Land of Temples and Frogs; [spoiler]Amber, Rust, Sulfur, Iron, Topaz, Garnet, Gold, Sunstone, Ruby[/spoiler] [b][color=#4ac925][ENTERED][/color][/b] [url=http://the-overseer.wikia.com/wiki/Knifekind]Sylph[/url] of Hope; Land of Locks and Shadow; [spoiler]Frosting, Rock_Candy, Amethyst, Marble, Rose_Quartz, Silk, Permafrost, Moonstone, Lux[/spoiler]


• you dont need full knowledge on Overseer2 to join. • no repeated class or aspects please! • you can play a troll or human or yourself, it doesnt matter to me. • in this, i am the one making the chain so you might not get paired up with a friend. • if you have school, thats fine! we can always meet up after school to continue (unless you let us go without you but that seems unfair).