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A place for the out of place. Mainly Homestuck, but fandom friendly. Come join in!


The home you find yourself approaching is set quietly on the shoreline, on the grass area just before the shore turns to sand. Overlooking the ocean with a vast forest surrounding it. Reaching seemingly endlessly in every direction. There seems to be a barely visible bubble that surrounds a good area around the hive with its center point right on the main hive. Somewhere in the forest is a local lake, frequented in the past by previous regulars. There is a small shack that sits somewhere by the lake, various phrases and art carved into the wood. You can also find a big grass opening behind the main hive. Within you find a smaller, burned out hive tucked back in the tall, overgrown grass. Thick vines climb the scorched walls. There are many reasons why one might end up here. Sometimes the dreaming and the dead mistakenly find themselves here. Sometimes things just show up. A place for the lost and out of place. A home for the discarded. Rest your bones, have a drink and eat some food. You're safe here. Probably. [url=https://i.imgur.com/8l8zZdm.png]Floor 1[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/bTV512A.png]Floor 2[/url] Current Mods: #1 - Cheeze #2 - Toast other links: [url=https://mxrp.chat/oczone_ooc]ooc chat[/url] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you enter the hive through the main door your character sees a sign posted on the wall. Visibly placed outside of the front door and on the inside wall by the door, along with being posted in various places within the hive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [u]HIVE RULES [/u] 1. Clean up after yourself 2. Dont start fights you cant finish 3. There are limited living spaces. First come first serve. 4. Dont be a jerk. 5. Alcohol is free. If youre going to drink it all, you replace it all. 6. Food is free game. If youre going to eat it all, you replace it all. 7. Workshop is off limits unless given permission to use it. No Exceptions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1. Avoid metagaming as much as you can. 2. Please dont god mod, powerful characters are fine if there is good reason for them to be powerful 3. Don't be a jerk. 4. Keep drama out of chat. 5. No NSFW in Main Chat. Please keep the Main/Public RP PG-13-ish. Take any smut to PM's or otherwise 5.1. Make sure that if you are going to be role playing anything relatively smut that both mun's are of age. 6. The following fandoms are currently restricted from RP. More may come, some may leave. - Creepypastas - Bendy and the Ink Machine - Five Nights at Freddy's - SCP Additionally, please dont RP OCs based on current or historical happenings. No 'characters' from real life please. 7. If something youre doing would substantially change or destroy part of the roleplay setting, please first make sure it is okay with the rest of the parties involved, then make sure it is okay with a moderator or the chat manager. 8. God Tiers are allowed here with some common sense. Don't go overboard with their powers. 9. In partial relation with the previous rule, do not take any unwanted action towards another role playing party. 10. No killing that is not agreed upon by the party that is being killed. 10.1: That being said, dont use this rule to avoid death. If your character is going around picking fights, expect possibly unwanted results. 11. Try to avoid ignoring newcomers. Clique's kill role plays. Nothing is more discouraging than trying to participate in an RP only to have everyone ignore you in favor of their friends. 12. No excessive OOC in chat pls. If it becomes a true issue I will make an OOC chat but for now just try to keep it limited. 13. Make sure to let us know youve read the rules with a good ol "yeet" 14. Adhere to the MXRP site rules