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Once what was is no more.


[color=#44a4ff][font=comic sans ms]welcome to.. oc squelch[/font][/color][font=arial] The bubble's not there. It's all gone. If your characters reside in the void, maybe they can still exist here. No promises. All the rp is now somewhere else. ----------------- [i]Other chats that are open as of November 2019:[/i] [url=https://mxrp.chat/ocpurgatory]OCPurgatory[/url] (owned by gee!) rory endorsed [url=https://mxrp.chat/oczone]OCZone[/url] (owned by chaz) Try them out, see what you like, or where your old rp partners might be? Who knows ----------------- [color=#44a4ff]Setting:[/color] It's gone. [color=#44a4ff]Mods:[/color] #1 | owner | rory #22 | kal #23 | lux #26 | frap #46 | gee/Kerm | [spoiler]SPOILER[/spoiler] #73 | peanut [color=rgba(0,0,0,0)]˙͜>˙[/color][/font]


[font=Arial][color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 1.[/u][/color] The chat is inactive, and should not be roleplayed in. [/font]