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ahoy yeehaw partner captain // Homestuck OC chat set in a dreambubble! Read the rules and description before joining the RP!


[color=#44a4ff][font=comic sans ms]welcome to.. oc squelch[/font][/color][font=arial] You find yourself stood somewhere on a long, long pier on an only sometimes calm ocean shore. There's a lot of buildings here, and a beach on the shore too. It seems nice, but sometimes you notice [i]something[/i] is off. Never the less, care to explore? [color=#44a4ff]Setting:[/color] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ImKaypB6G10gzeb1S1Y8z8OwcRDgNAQYbK2xzApn52o/edit?usp=sharing]Base setting [sup][sub][Google Docs][/sub][/sup][/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tcXsGEyzbE1VTlSApXzg4YkTCOfZwde8xuhJ1k1LflY/edit?usp=sharing]Additional info and locations [sup][sub][Google Docs][/sub][/sup][/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UmfwVEibfgiUNjsDP8pUjDDfBBMJZCpm3xvqqbQfJCc/edit]Community chalkboard (IC) [sup][sub][Google Docs][/sub][/sup][/url] [color=#44a4ff]Setting weather:[/color] [color=#005682]It's a rainstorm![/color] The temperature is incredibly humid (obviously) and there are now strong winds and cold rain pelting against the pier. [color=#44a4ff]Setting time:[/color] Canon timezone is UTC -4 (Amazon Time) [color=#44a4ff]Mods:[/color] #1 | owner | rory | [spoiler][url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/412082251262590998/450449328239018004/unknown.png]long cheerio[/url][/spoiler] #2 | death #22 | kal #23 | ilya #46 | gee/Kerm | [spoiler]SPOILER[/spoiler] #73 | peanut [color=rgba(0,0,0,0)]˙͜>˙[/color] #313 | san #647 | myth/fable #902 | batsy [color=#44a4ff]Stuff:[/color] [url=https://mxrp.chat/ooc_squelch]ooc chat[/url] [url=https://discord.gg/SuSdHMU]discord chat [sub](mxrp downtime shelter)[/sub][/url] [color=#44a4ff]Fun stuff:[/color] broken door count: [color=#44a4ff]68[/color] [/font]


[font=Arial][color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 1.[/u][/color] First and foremost, have fun roleplaying. If you aren't having fun, why be here, right? [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 2.[/u][/color] Homestuck-based OCs only. [i]No[/i] multi/rainbow/white/black-blooded trolls, or shapeshifting characters (unless given mod exception). Mutations are all good, however. If you want to RP as an [i]original species[/i], please pass one of them by the mods so we can verify you and put you on the list below (see rule 2B). If you are brand new to the chat, we may not allow the species immediately. [color=#44a4ff][u]2B:[/u][/color] All users who have passed their original species by mods: [spoiler]#22 (Ahkayan) #28 (Petagmian) #44 (Sagecit) #57 (Frithitt) #79 (Kaumani) #106 (Nocturnumque) #146 (Blackhornians) #190 (Enclaé) #723 (Fiisalis) #1481 (Podpods, Goblins) [/spoiler] [color=#44a4ff][u]2C:[/u][/color] Be mature and try not to be too obnoxious with your character creation and roleplay. Mary-Sue type characters are discouraged. We encourage unique characters with their own traits and designs, so [i]why not[/i] have a go? [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 3.[/u][/color] When talking to other roleplayers, please use common sense, and [i]do not[/i] take arguments/drama into this chat. If you [i]think[/i] something's going to stir drama, [i]don't say it[/i]. No chat needs that kind of excessive drama. Refusal to take drama out of chat upon request is a bannable offense. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 4.[/u][/color] Format your character setups as names: [color=#2299c1]placeholderName [NAME][/color], not as handles: [color=#2299c1]placeholderName [PN][/color], This chat is not a memo, it's a dream bubble. [color=#44a4ff][u]4B:[/u][/color] The chat is script style, and posts are expected to be formatted as such. However, we enforce [i]no[/i] limits on how much you can type. Type away! [color=#44a4ff][u]4C:[/u][/color] This chat is designated [i]SFW[/i], meaning: Excessive violence must be [i]spoilered and tagged[/i], and sexual content must be taken [i]out of chat[/i]. All reference images or descriptions must be SFW. [color=#44a4ff][u]4D:[/u][/color] To make sure that everybody is kept safe, if you're going to start a ship of [i]any[/i] kind of romance, please, please, [i]please[/i] clarify both OC and roleplayer ages to one another. Minors are absolutely not allowed to participate in suggestive ships, both characters and roleplayers. Those are [u]site rules[/u]. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 5.[/u][/color] If you have stolen/used without permission: an OC, character art, or plagiarised a significant part of someone else's OC, that is a bannable offense. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 6.[/u][/color] Making users uncomfortable/harassing users, and refusing to stop after a first warning results in a ban. [color=#44a4ff][u]6B:[/u][/color] Please be sensitive to other individuals' spiritual/religious leanings. This can be a very vague rule, but if someone implies that an act is offensive to them in some way, take it seriously. People don't have to explain why something bothers them if they don't want to. Specific things that should not be said in OOC: [spoiler]Sexualization/fetishization of religion, relating any religion to sexual orientation, making claims on religious concepts with hostile intent.[/spoiler] [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 7.[/u][/color] If the mods aren't doing their job well, criticism and feedback is encouraged. Message any of the mods about it, and we'll get back to you! [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 8.[/u][/color] Once you have fully read the rules say [/font][font=comic sans ms][i]CHUMBUS[/i][/font][font=arial]. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 9.[/u][/color] [i]Please[/i], use double brackets/slashes on the start and/or end of your OOC messages in main chat. [color=#44a4ff][u]9B:[/u][/color] Don't spam the chat with OOC when there is an active roleplay. We have a chat for OOC during roleplay, and the link's [url=https://mxrp.chat/ooc_squelch]right here[/url]. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 10.[/u][/color] This is the trigger list. Please, [i]spoiler and tag[/i] everything on this list. Causing an uncomfortable situation by not doing so is a bannable offense. [spoiler]suicide self harm pedophilia rape mentions incest mentions excessive gore - finger/toenail gore - eye gore eating disorders - extensive talk of weight - throwup/vomit animal abuse needles germ / disease mentions parasite mentions hard drugs (meth, heroin) - painkillers / opioids extreme alcoholism - excessive drinking - underage drinking Infidelity, cheating intentional misgendering [/spoiler] In addition, here is a list of topics that are not permitted in rp or ooc, under any circumstance, even tagged properly: [spoiler]- Domestic Abuse[/spoiler] How to "spoiler" something: [raw][spoiler] Words Here! [/spoiler] #tag here[/raw] [color=#44a4ff][u]10B:[/u][/color] In regards to the alcohol mentions on the trigger list: Light drinking is permitted, though you may be asked to place it in spoilers if someone is uncomfortable. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE 11.[/u][/color] Please, if you have not already, go find the codeword in the middle of the rules, so we know you have read them. [color=#44a4ff][u]Moderator Notes:[/u][/color] Mods will sometimes kick people if they're idle and sending a lot of connection timeouts. If you were kicked for seemingly no reason, it's probably that. Claiming specific user numbers is fair game for everything except major milestone numbers. If in doubt, mod word is final. [color=#44a4ff][u]RULE YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY.[/u][/color] MxRP Site Rules [i]always[/i] apply.[/font]