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We revamped the rules. Come in and say the new codeword once you've read them! (09/06, 08:40 BST). // A Homestuck OC chat, set in the dreambubbles? Come in, read the description and rules, and have fun RPing! (Setting changes monthly!)


[color=#44a4ff][font=comic sans ms]welcome to.. oc squelch[/font][/color][font=arial] You find yourself stood in the entrance of an unsettling and vaguely weird carnival, constructed in the middle of a barren red plain. In the center, appears to be some sort of temple. Purple-colored paint drips from a haphazardly put-together entrance sign. Despite instinct telling you that this place is VERY dangerous, you still feel that exploring it may be worthwhile. After all, it's the dreambubbles. It's not [i]actually[/i] Alternia, there might be some sanity here. Care to enter? [color=#44a4ff]Setting:[/color] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VPJhJcHGqLacgc5cTtpdupM0aRgWJgJ9mPU3JXpYC68/edit?usp=sharing]Base setting [sup][sub][Google Docs][/sub][/sup][/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tcXsGEyzbE1VTlSApXzg4YkTCOfZwde8xuhJ1k1LflY/edit?usp=sharing]Additional info and locations [sup][sub][Google Docs][/sub][/sup][/url] [color=#44a4ff]Setting weather:[/color] [color=#f2a400]It's hot.[/color] The sun or moons linger above, clouds nowhere to be seen. It's very hot, comparable to a human desert. Make sure to dream yourself up water, stay hydrated, and don't stay in the sun for too long! It won't blind you, but it'll sure burn a little! [color=#44a4ff]Setting time:[/color] Canon timezone is [url=https://time.is/UTC-4]UTC -4[/url] (Amazon Time). [color=#44a4ff]Mods:[/color] #1 | owner | rory #22 | kal #23 | lux #46 | gee/Kerm | [spoiler]SPOILER[/spoiler] #73 | peanut [color=rgba(0,0,0,0)]˙͜>˙[/color] #313 | san #647 | myth #902 | batsy [url=https://forms.gle/EtEFwGowmPYF4PhK9]Contact the mods if you need to report anything or give moderation feedback.[/url] [color=#44a4ff]Stuff:[/color] [url=https://mxrp.chat/ooc_squelch]ooc chat[/url] [url=https://discord.gg/SuSdHMU]discord chat [sub](mxrp downtime shelter)[/sub][/url] [/font]


[font=Arial][color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 1.[/u][/color] First and foremost, try your best to have fun roleplaying and upkeep a positive environment so everyone else can too. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 2.[/u][/color] Homestuck-based OCs only: Shapeshifters, trolls with multiple blood colors and non-homestuck OCs are forbidden. If you want to rp as a specific non-fandom oc, or a brand new original species, please [i]ask[/i] one of the mods about it, so we can discuss it and get back to you. Please note that we must get a decent amount of information about original species before considering them. If an original species is allowed by the mod team, it will be on the list below (in [color=#44a4ff]2B[/color]). [color=#44a4ff][u]• 2B:[/u][/color] All users who have passed their original species by mods are listed below. [spoiler]#22 (Ahkayan) #28 (Petagmian) #44 (Sagecit) #57 (Frithitt) #86 (Arbaktarians) #79 (Kaumani, Saht-Kel) #106 (Nocturnumque) #190 (Enclaé) #723 (Fiisalis) #1481 (Podpods, Goblins)[/spoiler] [color=#44a4ff][u]• 2C:[/u][/color] Please think before you create characters, and do not use tropes which people may find offense in. This includes things in the spoilered list below: [spoiler]- 'Smol'/'Child' tropes in adult characters - Caricature tropes [/spoiler] Mods get the final say regarding what does and doesn't fall foul of this rule. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 2D:[/u][/color] If an adult OC is created to have a considerably short stature (ie. Below 4’11”), please take care in how you roleplay them. Characters of these heights must have a plausible reason for said height. With troll characters, the height cap, depending on case, can be somewhat looser due to people’s various headcanons, but with human characters this rule will be enforced much more strictly. Original species are judged on a case-by-case basis. Mods reserve the right to veto any character if they are seen to toe the line on this rule, and make the final decision. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 3.[/u][/color] When talking to other roleplayers, [i]do not[/i] take arguments/drama into this chat. If you think something's going to stir drama, don't say it. Refusal to take drama out of chat upon request is a bannable/warnable offense (depending on severity). In addition, acting deliberately to make users uncomfortable, harassing users, or delving into gross or discomforting topics results in a warning. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 3B:[/u][/color] If you feel the need to bring up a controversial and divisive topic regarding the chat, please make sure that you have a fair discussion, and do not act hostile. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 3C:[/u][/color] Please be sensitive to other individuals' personal preferences of any kind. People don't have to explain why something bothers them if they don't want to. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 3D:[/u][/color] If you have grievances with the way somebody is playing their character, behaving OOC, or creating characters, we encourage you to [url=https://forms.gle/F6bf9ytpjkx1KVqa6]contact a mod directly[/url] with your concerns. Use your best judgement when approaching others, and as always, be respectful. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 4.[/u][/color] Format your character setups as names, not handles: [color=#44a4ff]placeholderName [NAME][/color] This chat is not a memo, it's a dream bubble. Lowercase/Title case variables are also permitted. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 4B:[/u][/color] We are a script style chat, and posts are expected to be formatted as such. However, we enforce no limits on how much you can type. Type away! [color=#44a4ff][u]• 4C:[/u][/color] This chat is designated NSFW-V, meaning: Violent content is permitted, but if it reaches a level which could be called excessive, please spoiler and tag it. A good guideline for what is considered extremeis - The more detailed your violent writing, the more likely you need to spoiler tag it. If you need help on good ways to do this, ask a mod. As minors are allowed in this chat, sexual content of any kind (rp, reference images, descriptions) must not be used in chat. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 4D:[/u][/color] If you're going to start a ship of any kind of romance, please clarify both OC and roleplayer's ages to one another. Minors are absolutely not allowed to participate in suggestive/nsfw-heavy ships, both characters and roleplayers. Those are site rules, and we will ban and site-report users we find that fall foul of this rule. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 5.[/u][/color] If you have stolen/used without permission: an OC, character art, or plagiarised a significant part of someone else's OC, that is a bannable offense. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 6.[/u][/color] If the mods aren't doing their job well, criticism and feedback is encouraged. Message any of the mods about it, or use this [url=https://forms.gle/F6bf9ytpjkx1KVqa6]feedback form[/url] if you'd rather remain anonymous, and we'll get back to you! Vagueness about a problem means we cannot fix a problem, so be clear when submitting! [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 7.[/u][/color] When sending OOC messages, make sure to use an OOC indicator. Examples of this include prefixing double brackets/slashes/anything similar on the start of your messages, or using an ooc preset that includes this. [color=#44a4ff][u]• 7B:[/u][/color] Don't clog up the chat with OOC when there is an active roleplay. We have a chat for OOC during roleplay, and the link's [url=https://mxrp.chat/ooc_squelch]here[/url]. Repeat offenders of this rule may be warned. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 8.[/u][/color] This is the trigger list. Please, spoiler and tag everything on this list. Consistently ignoring this rule can result in a ban. [spoiler]- suicide - self harm - needles - rape mentions - incest mentions - excessive gore (including mention of injuries in excessive detail) - finger/toenail gore - eye gore - eating disorders - extensive talk of weight - throw-up/vomit - animal abuse - germ / disease / parasite mentions - hard drugs (meth, heroin) - painkillers / opioids - pills + mentions of pills - extreme / excessive / underage alcoholism - infidelity, cheating - intentional misgendering + overall transphobia - seizure mentions - trypophobia[/spoiler] - The trigger list. In addition, here is a list of topics that are not permitted in rp or ooc, under any circumstance, even tagged properly: [spoiler]- domestic abuse -pedophilia[/spoiler] How to "spoiler" something: [raw][spoiler] Words Here! [/spoiler] #tag here[/raw] [color=#44a4ff][u]• 8B:[/u][/color] In regards to the alcoholism mentions on the trigger list - IC drinking is permitted, though if someone makes it known they are uncomfortable at the time, please spoiler it. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 9.[/u][/color] Only chat regulars are allowed to advertise. If you have hardly roleplayed here at all upon thinking to advertise here, stop. If you advertise anyways, mods have the right to silence or ban. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE 10.[/u][/color] If you have read the rules, type 'Cat fact:' and then a cat fact of any kind. If you refuse to do this, or have clearly not read the rules, we will silence you in the main chat and ask you join [url=https://mxrp.chat/ooc_squelch]the OOC chat[/url]. [color=#44a4ff][u]• Moderator Notes:[/u][/color] Mods will sometimes kick people if they're idle and sending a lot of connection timeouts. If you were kicked for seemingly no reason, it's probably that. The mods will [i]not[/i] ban someone temporarily upon request, but we will silence if you feel the need to take a break from RPing and you request as such. If in doubt, mod word is final. Appeals can be made after decisions by mods are made. [color=#44a4ff][u]• RULE YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY (WELL AT LEAST I HOPE YOU DO).[/u][/color] MxRP Site Rules always apply. Why wouldn’t they. Are you of the stupid [/font]