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Orgnal Carctr (valid troll name) // Homestuck OC chat, come in and RP? We Want You... to rp


[font=corbel]~~========================~~ [i][color=#55ae3e]OCPURGATORY[/color] Awake to the sun shining in the sky, in the grass fields of a rural dream bubble. Around you is a settlement of various buildings, the work of a small, and perhaps growing, community out in this distant part of the bubbles. Come get up, maybe have a look at what's in store, and make yourself accustomed to the community..?[/i] ~~========================~~ [color=#55ae3e]Welcome to [i]OCPurgatory[/i][/color], a community-oriented dreambubble chat for Homestuck OCs. Remember to read the rules, description and setting document before roleplaying! ~~========================~~ [i][url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uuIoZaLa-aN0cHDDjETwGzQAmEW9ZthFADmBpzUZOSc/edit?usp=sharing][color=#55ae3e]Setting document[/color][/url][/i] - Open to changes by any member of the chat who wants to add to the setting! [i][color=#55ae3e]IC [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VivCiC8yAQLXi1OTbQLB9xqk5qLo7-i9CIs_gSabam8/edit]Noticeboard[/url] and [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OB_iYlSFw5eZoYPLfhPuTiyIU_YkGqMzR--B46QBsIY/edit]Whiteboard[/url][/color][/i] - Have fun? They're outside the front house. [i][url=https://mxrp.chat/ooclimbo][color=#55ae3e]OOC room[/color][/url][/i] - Join this if you're gonna have a lengthy OOC conversation and there's RP going on! [i][url=https://discord.gg/vUhNjUA][color=#55ae3e]Discord server[/color][/url][/i] - Join this if you like Discord servers and talking about stuff like OCs and art and stuff. You could look for someone to rp with here, too. Just ask. ~~========================~~ [i][color=#55ae3e]Weather:[/color][/i] It's currently [color=#454545]windy[/color]. There is a strong breeze, and a light cloud cover in the sky, which has briefly shifted to look more Alternian, with two moons and a dark sky, rather than a blue sky and sun. Memories are like that. There are puddles. ~~========================~~ [i][color=#55ae3e]The mod team:[/color][/i] #1 | gee #4 | rory [spoiler][url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTAWy7JBTeoaHf_f_WIO0bL_AmOgHJCFnFPRbFfdOKB7jIl9k_kQt61kBD90v1dKHmCYYriDACfVUvH/pubhtml?gid=488202581&single=true]check out my message counts doc for this chat[/url][/spoiler] #5 | summer/sage #6 | seb #7 | gray #9 | kal ~~========================~~ [url=https://forms.gle/qRhGFPEoCytYGVPe6][color=#55ae3e][i]If you have suggestions, feedback, or anything else you want to say to the mods privately/anonymously, we encourage you to use this form![/i][/color][/url] ~~========================~~[/font]


[font=corbel]~~========================~~ [i][color=#55ae3e]The rules.[/color] Make sure to read fully through these before your first roleplay, and state the password when you're done! (It's [color=#bababa][u]underlined[/u][/color], you'll see it.)[/i] ~~========================~~ [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 1:[/i][/color] Remember to have fun! IC drama does not mean OOC drama - just because one OC is an ass, it doesn't mean the mun is an ass. Also, remember to be respectful of other opinions. Approach discussions along these lines with an open mind. [color=#55ae3e][i] - 1a:[/i][/color] Criticism is okay as long as it’s constructive. If it comes off as aggressive, then you’re doing it wrong. Don’t try to scare other rpers, or try to exclude them from the overall scenario. [color=#55ae3e][i] - 1b:[/i][/color] If you have a problem with a certain user, please, contact a mod. Don’t bring it up on the main chat or OOC, or else a warning will be handed to you. [color=#55ae3e][i] - 1c:[/i][/color] Be mindful that this is a roleplay chat. Keep venting topics away from here, or the OOC chat. We have a venting channel in our Discord server for that purpose. If the topic you're bringing up is making other users uncomfortable, you will be punished for it with a warning. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 2:[/i][/color] Homestuck OCs only! No NF or OF. Fantrolls, fankids and cherubs are allowed, while consorts and lusii/guardians may only be allowed with permission from a mod OR during an event. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 3:[/i][/color] Force-shipping and meta-gaming are NOT allowed! Please use common sense when RPing, such as not using OP character abilities without permission of the rpers around you. Be fair with everyone! We want everyone to have fun. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 4:[/i][/color] Keep character names/prefixes formatted as such: [i][color=#00a3a3]whatever [NAME][/color][/i] EXAMPLE: Probably Dying or Something [] has joined the Chat. and keep text colours at a common sense-level! No eye-bleeding colours or colours too dark for people to read. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 5:[/i][/color] Content that is sensitive to some users may always be SPOILERED. There is a list of sensitive subjects and every user has to follow it. Ask if you aren't sure. If you have a certain trigger you'd like to be added to the list, you may anonymously request us mods to add it! [spoiler]Needles Detailed drowning Animal abuse Heavy Gore Wrist Gore Fingernail gore Eye gore Pills Disease/Terminal Illness Sexual Assault Parasites Infidelity Eating Disorders Ableism of any kind Vore mentions Animorphing Self Harm Trypophobia/Patterned Holes Excessive PDA (public displays of affection) [/spoiler] [color=#55ae3e][i]- 5a:[/i][/color] A few certain topics, however, will not be tolerated even if spoilered. The list for that can be read here: [spoiler]Politics or other incendiary topics (Either in normal conversations or memes) Child and domestic abuse Personal Religious Beliefs [/spoiler] [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 6:[/i][/color] This is a [i]SFW[/i] chat! Please keep [i]NSFW(S)[/i] topics away from the main chat, OOC chat or discord. This means overly-sexual refs/albums, topics and actions in general. Particularly violent ([i]NSFW(V)[/i]) content should go in spoiler tags. [color=#55ae3e][i]- 6a:[/i][/color] If you’re found to be a minor that has roleplayed in NSFW(S) settings, you WILL be banned from the chat, and reported to the MXRP mod team. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 7:[/i][/color] Remember that a mod’s word is FINAL. Attempting to circumvent punishments will only make it worse for you. If you want to inquire or protest about a ban/kick/silence, please message an available moderator through Discord. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 8:[/i][/color] Punishments will be handed in a three-strike manner. If you’re judged to have broken a rule three times, you are banned from the chat. If you’ve broken a rule, and with time, the mod team has found that you’ve learned from your mistake, that/those warning/warnings may be revoked. [color=#55ae3e][i]- 8a:[/i][/color] Be mindful that in certain situations, for example when dealing with uncooperative users, or users who break a major rule, a ban may be handed out even if the user hasn’t accumulated the required warnings. [color=#55ae3e][i]Rule 9:[/i][/color] New places will only be added to the setting with the approval of a mod (via confirming on the Google Doc). Don’t insist on your suggestion being accepted. [sub]Remember, the [url=https://http2.mlstatic.com/D_NQ_NP_941979-MLB26137229401_102017-O.jpg][color=#bababa][i][u]White Dragon[/u][/i][/color][/url] is always watching.[/sub] ~~========================~~[/font]