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Additionally, rules have been updated. It is now explicitly against the rules to roleplay under 18s in sexual situations rather than just implied by the rules.

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2 Spots open: Mutant/Blue. Knight/Maid. Seer/Heart. No more boys.


[color=#a10000]You really duped yourself on this one, huh? Somehow, somewhere, you managed to click a suspicious link. Or maybe a very comfortable, familiar link! One way or another, this mystery link you may or may not be familiar with was embedded with a virus. It won't destroy your computer, thank goodness, but it looks like.. You're stuck in some weird chat? What even is this? Some kinda asshole [i]rumpus[/i], looks like. At least you're not alone, there's some others in here. Everyone is just about equally confused about this dumb goofy chat virus, and why they can't quite seem to find it in the depths of their computer software. It's really nestled in there, huh? Oh well. Viruses can be much worse than getting stuck in chatrooms. You sure got lucky this time...[/color] [color=#a15000]Welcome to Another Session! So excited to have you, really. Go ahead and fill out a spot in the reserves if it's open. Once you've been greenlit, you're free to rp! Otherwise, hang tight kiddo. We'll get to you soon. [/color] [color=#a1a100]As you can probably guess, this session is based on a virus! The virus that's infected your characters computer not only harbors the mystery chat link, but also their very own copy of SGRUB! More to come on that as the session progresses. Once the chat is full, we'll start progressing with game entry and serious game-based storyline. Until then, use this time to grow your characters relationships. Branch out, make allies, make enemies. [/color] [color=red]!!![/color][color=#416600] If we get to a point where we are struggling to death to find our final players, we will leave those roles behind and move on with the game, closing those spots out. As long as we get our time, space, and knight players.[/color] [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13sS1LOntgdyfYI_6PyFoq889ZyZVHpCer46yiLLZs5c/edit?usp=sharing]Reserves[/url] [url=https://discord.gg/6vNdKWu]Mandatory Discord[/url]


[color=#153481]1: Fantrolls only.[/color] [color=#5769D1]- A fantroll must be original, so you cannot be related to a canon character in any way. - It must be YOUR OC. If you are found stealing OCs or art you will be banned and reported.[/color] [color=#153481]1a: This is a twelve player session. No duplicate blood colors or god tiers allowed.[/color] [color=#153481]2: Trolls may not be under the age of 8.5 sweeps.[/color] [color=#153481]3: Explicit NSFW must go to PMS.[/color] [color=#5769D1]- Everyone loves a good, tasteful sex joke, but please don’t try to take it further than that. - Discussion is ok to an extent, but if someone becomes uncomfortable it will need to stop. - If your character is starting to moan or be felt up, then it’s gone too far.[/color] [color=#153481]4: Be careful about what you say, and put potentially triggering [i]content[/i] in a #tagged [spoiler]spoiler.[/spoiler][/color] [color=#153481]4a: Do NOT make light of or misrepresent mental illnesses here. No “psychotic” or “insane” characters. No trigger jokes. No “rage modes.”[/color] [color=#153481]5: Please be active! The point of having a discord is so that we stay active and get stuff done![/color] [color=#5769D1]- If you go inactive for more than three days WITHOUT WARNING you will be removed. - If you tell us beforehand, you're gucci![/color] [color=#153481]6: Don’t godmod.[/color] [color=#5769D1]- Do not move other characters without permission. - Do not auto-land hits. Say “they attempt to.”[/color] [color=#153481]7: Make sure we can read your text. No bright colors, no ridiculous quirks.[/color] [color=#153481]8: Be sure to indicate when you’re speaking OOC with brackets such as (( [[ or //[/color] [color=#5769D1]- As [url=https://discord.gg/6vNdKWu]discord[/url] is [b]mandatory[/b], excessive OOC will be asked to move to the discord.[/color] [color=#153481]9: Moderators have the final say.[/color] [color=#5769D1]- Even if it’s not in the rules, if you’re doing something a moderator doesn’t approve of, then you gotta stop.[/color] [color=red]10: You must be at least 16 years of age to join this session. We aren't going to card you, but if we find out you're younger than that, you'll be removed from the chat. This rule exists to make sure everyone is comfortable. It can get a little weird if a 12 year old and a 20 year old have characters who are in a relationship. Some ages are best kept separate. [/color]Thanks for your cooperation. Once you've finished the rules and description, say the magic words! They're in italics.