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[NEW RULES APRIL 2022] Land of Loneliness and Puns, A Canon Homestuck Chat


[color=#c45842] [bgcolor=#f7b5a8]UPON THE RELEASE OF MXRP2, WE WILL BE MOVING THERE![/bgcolor] ★[i]Welcome to LOLAP, the land of loneliness and puns[/i]★ [bgcolor=#f7b5a8]ACCORDING TO NEW MXRP RULES, NO ONE UNDER 18 IS ALLOWED.[/bgcolor] -THIS CHAT IS NOT NSFW, BUT CAN AND WILL HAVE OCCASIONAL MATURE THEMES.- USE OF MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS IN THIS CHAT IS PROHIBITED, AND WILL RESULT IN BAN. [url=https://mxrp.chat/lonelykankriooc]OFFICIAL OOC CHAT[/url] *This chat does not, and never will have, an official discord server. Do not make unofficial servers about this chat. Please use the OOC chat linked above to talk normally with other users.* ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆ This is a chat anyone RPing a [u]canon[/u] homestuck character can join. This is mostly just for fun, and for anyone who just wants to mess around while in character with other Homestucks! [/color] [color=#ba503b]CHAT SETTING: [url=https://photos.app.goo.gl/xJcV83fNmWWRu7Qy5] Kankri's Hive Map[/url] [bgcolor=#f7b5a8]★★This chat runs off of USA Eastern time.★★[/bgcolor] EVENT: ????? - mxrp2 lonelykankri release! We will be moving over to the new site when it releases and shutting down here. Make sure you back up anything you want to save before then. We will not be saving anything, but the new chat WILL be a continuation of here. Upon your arrival in the new chat, please tell us who you are! [url=https://goo.gl/forms/Iw4IHY96dbwh1nQ72]Want to suggest an event?[/url] ★[url=https://photos.app.goo.gl/gVVcoM18JbDnsWuK8] GaMzEe'S cAtAlOg[/url]★ ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆ [/color]


[bgcolor=#f7b5a8](IMPORTANT!) Rules last updated 26th April 2022[/bgcolor] [color=#fd0000] ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆ [i]MOD CENTRAL[/i] ★First mod, Josh, is the creator of this wretched place. Pretty spotty due to a busy schedule, but committed to RP when around. Josh will most commonly be found as Kankri, Gamzee, or Mituna, but he also has like twenty other muses he whips out on occasion. User #1[/color] [color=#a64d79]★Mod Caleb is Josh's sorta unofficially adopted lil bro, checking the logs often and popping in whenever he sees someone else here so he can say hello. He usually will appear as Dave or occasionally Kanaya, or more often one of his OCs. User #367[/color] [color=#0715cd]★Mod Crabby or 'Johmb' is just some guy that's just a little bitty friend of Josh's. On sometimes, Stays late. Usually plays mostly Dirk, John, Dave or whatever else he can put together and stay sane with through a night. User #1111[/color] [color=#e00707]★Mod Dave is a dude who hangs with the LK crew nearly every day. He's typically online in the chat late into the night and mains Dave and Davebot, but will occasionally play John. Originally user #3, now user #2364.[/color] [color=#fd0000]☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆ [/color] [color=#b76f35]★ 1. Keep all RP SFW and do not SPAM. Some NSFW talk is allowed for the purpose of humor, but nothing too extreme. It shouldn't be the focus of your conversation. Take NSFW RP to another room.[/color] [color=#bfb34e] ★ 2. Canon Homestuck (NO Hiveswap) Characters Only - doubles are allowed! AUs such as humanstuck, bloodswaps, etc. are allowed, but double check with a mod to be sure.[/color] [color=#9dbf4e]★ 3. Be friendly and understand that there's people behind the screen you're talking to. No character/ship shaming, ship forcing, or godmodding. RP drama does NOT equal OOC drama. Just because your characters argue does not mean you're arguing in real life, and vice versa. If you really have an issue with a user, PM a mod. Don't ignore each other or purposely leave anyone out. Do not force people to pay attention to you if you don't feel involved. Politely put yourself into the conversation.[/color] [color=#53a040]★ 4. If you want to use a Homestuck OC, please ask a mod. An OC can only be permitted if you have been an active RPer on at least three occasions, so we can get your vibe. We gotta get to know you! If you are permitted to RP an OC, a picture reference is needed as well as a description of everything important about them in your refs. Three OCs per user, mods can have unlimited.[/color] [color=#40a066]★ 5. If you're going to say something potentially upsetting to other users, put it in a spoiler and #tag accordingly. If you're unsure whether something might be upsetting, spoiler and tag just in case. Keep in mind, this is a SFW room, and extreme topics are still not allowed, even in spoilers. [spoiler]This includes extreme NSFW content, non-canon substance abuse, heavy gore and severe violence.[/spoiler] IMPORTANT: Do not send links with flashing imagery unless they are tagged with a warning.[/color] [color=#408ea0]★ 6. Listen to the mods. If you don't agree with a warning a mod has given, take it up with them privately in a respectful manner.[/color] [color=#7f30a2] ★ 7. This is no wrong way to RP. However, we appreciate if you RP your characters consistently and as close to canon as possible. If you would like to give another RPer advice, please be constructive and respectful. If you are the one receiving advice, please keep in mind people are only trying to help you improve, not criticize you.[/color] [color=#962fa1]★ 8. If your actions are against the rules and/or make several people uncomfortable, three strikes and you're out. Understand warnings you are given.[/color] [color=#a12f83]★ 9. Keep a balance between fun RP and serious RP. Angst is okay, but keep in mind we intend to have a fun experience here.[/color] [color=#F94BD5]★10. When using a character who uses another language, all translations should be correct. Do not use placeholders for what they are saying. Just because most people cannot understand the non-translated text does not give you the right to put anything you want. Please use [example] for spoken translations, and <example> for signed translations. If a character quirk clashes with this, please let a mod know beforehand. ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆ [/color] [color=#fd0000][bgcolor=#f2cdc6] KANKRI: Any questi9ona6le 9r p9ssi6ly triggering c9ntent within this chat r99m will N9T 6e t9lerated. This is anything um6rellaed under pr96lematic c9ntent. If y9u d9n't kn9w whether what y9u're saying is triggering 9r n9t, y9u 9bvi9usly d9n't 6el9ng here.[/bgcolor][/color] [color=#c45842] ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆ [sup]This place of Trash was born on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017. [/sup][/color]