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Land of Loneliness and Puns, A Canon Homestuck Chat (NEW EVENT REQUESTER)


[color=#c45842] ★ [i] Welcome to LOLAP, the land of lonliness and puns[/i] ★ [sub]★ aka LOLAG. The land of lonliness and gay. This is a [url=https://78.media.tumblr.com/6f1fba59b93639f5d1bf3f9f00e1d3c4/tumblr_ouaazmH9dV1w8q039o1_500.png]NO VORE ZONE[/url] ★[/sub] [url=https://mxrp.chat/lonelykankriooc]OFFICIAL OOC CHAT, USE IT.[/url] [sub]☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-☆[/sub] This is a chat anyone roleplaying a [u]canon[/u] homestuck character can join. This is mostly just for fun, and for anyone who just wants to mess around while in character with other Homestucks! [/color] [bgcolor=#e00707][color=#ffffff]If you haven't already, please fill out our [/color][/bgcolor][url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AM3-iClYMtNDwngsyPwl4zmXTSCai-QvQv-2cZ3aYDg/edit?usp=sharing] [color=#ffffff][BGCOLOR=#e88f81]USER LIST.[/BGCOLOR][/color][/url] ~MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME IN THE PROPER LOCATION~ IF YOU FUCK THIS UP AND DELETE SHIT, YOU'LL INSTANTLY GET BANNED. WHOEVER DID THIS BEFORE, HONESTLY I HATE YOU. CHAT SETTING: [url=https://puu.sh/zO8dF/7654c9d0ec.png]Kankri's Hive[/url] [url=https://mxrp.chat/the-serket-hive]Prefer Vriska's Hive?[/url] [bgcolor=#f7b5a8]★★This chat runs off of USA Eastern time.★★ EVENTS: December 5th - Strilonde and Harley/English Birthday celebration!! John and Jane already had their birthday weeks and don’t count. NEXT EVENT: December 12th(?) - gamkar wedding![/bgcolor] EVENT x3 COMBO: uh, [url=https://goo.gl/forms/Iw4IHY96dbwh1nQ72]Want to suggest an event?[/url] Remember everyone: Chatmom/501 is epileptic! put a warning on your refs and links!! [url=https://78.media.tumblr.com/a106b5d68bf93f08094b67cab95bb594/tumblr_inline_p29wyrBI371tqj564_400.png]Dancing Queen[/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b24VxQODtzHkSBEvYW7edTyyWsmChTCNRnoFoZTtflg/edit?usp=sharing][color=#c45842]★Quotes★[/color][/url] [color=#c45842] ★[url=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-44XcReq3h-4/UFbgxSlrnII/AAAAAAAASo0/QQgxt6K-hXQ/s1600/Screen+shot+2012-09-17+at+4.33.14+AM.png ] Don’t Miss out on Sugar Poofs[/url]★ ★[url=http://makglobal.com/images/keebler_company/3010035966.jpg ] Jade's Official Good Boy Treats [/url]★ ★[url=http://www.mspaintadventures.com/storyfiles/hs2/03973_2retcon.gif ] All Bad Boys Will Be Bapped [/url]★ ★[url=https://puu.sh/yD2bB/02350c5d20.png] GaMzEe'S cAtAlOg[/url]★ [/color] Jade’s Good Boy Chart [spoiler]Ascended: [url=https://puu.sh/yFnnV/9b47d4cd12.jpg] Josh’s cat[/url] he’s the best boy he’s above mere charts Jade’s favorite: Bec noir (he’s proven his loyalty and is a very good boy. Sorry Gamzee!) 1. Every Gamzee (this cannot be negotiated it is final!) 1.5. Karkat 2. Mituna 2.5. Tavros 2.75. Dahveh, Davesprite, and Dave 3. Sollux, Eridan, Kurloz & Rufioh 3.5. Blessed Jeremy & Those Two Gay Strangers 4. Kankri 4.2. Slick, John and a gentleman 82 met once 5. Bro 6. Dualscar 7. Cal 🖕👁〰️👁🖕(Bitch) [/spoiler] Good Girl Chart [spoiler] ASCENDED GOOD GIRL- #22 Jade she is the most blessed being to ever exist 1. Drake (Max) & Josh 2. Vriska :) 3. Roxy <3 4. Meulin!! [/spoiler] Chat Pets :^3c [spoiler] [url=https://68.media.tumblr.com/32c269bd43630d9ae1c44f3f54789f9c/tumblr_o0wwvtefja1rqdzd8o1_1280.jpg]Cheddar[/url] and [url=https://78.media.tumblr.com/0f63d3a27d8c31566028c25a9a89810a/tumblr_p5qt4hw4Kx1rqdzd8o1_540.jpg]Flounder[/url] #591 [url=https://orig00.deviantart.net/454e/f/2018/076/3/7/untitled_by_clockworkbandits-dc65ck0.jpg]Crash[/url], [url=https://i.imgur.com/jGAb8tT.jpg]Banana Bread[/url], [url=https://i.imgur.com/9GdFRys.jpg]Yoshi[/url] and [url=https://orig00.deviantart.net/d77e/f/2018/076/b/d/untitled_by_clockworkbandits-dc65cjk.jpg]Ozzy[/url] #66 [url=http://image.ibb.co/dzurX7/A155_FB37_0_E76_41_E5_9_B82_3398_A7_A4_F53_E.jpg]Pumpkin[/url] #22 [url=https://m.imgur.com/a/EWUObV8m]Marlowe[/url] #62 [url=http://meethepet.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/lo0KVYEObIw.jpg]Ravioli[/url] [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/458341371439349760/516742581691088911/JPEG_20181126_163028.jpg]Nebula[/url] #591 [/spoiler] [url=https://imgur.com/a/HqyH4]Tribute to the beloved Bruh[/url] [url=http://image.ibb.co/k1UPGS/34_AA533_A_97_C8_4469_971_C_72_D3964_C953_B.jpg]Then Perish[/url] [url=https://puu.sh/zqTg4/67cbedb15a.JPG]Double Perish[/url] ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆


[bgcolor=#f7b5a8](IMPORTANT!) Rules last updated 15th March 2018[/bgcolor] [color=#fd0000] ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆ [i]The Queer Quartet [/i] ★First mod, Josh, is the creator of this wretched place. He’s almost always here, except for when he’s busy with classes or sleeping. Although, every Wednesday, Josh has community service until 4pm. Josh will most commonly be found as Kankri, Gamzee, Mituna, or Eridan, but he also has several other muses he whips out on occasion. (This will be updated if any new roles are added.) #1 ★ Current Pathetic Level: ∞ [/color] [color=#a10000] ★ Second mod dreams is usually on in the time kankri is on since we are in the same time zone. You usually find her as a punny aradia or a Latula in her natural habitat, the “internet”, and on other occasions RPing as Feferi. (Will be updated if new characters are added) #10 Inventor of lizardspeak [spoiler] A = œ B = • C = ę D = € E = ‘’ F = * G = < H = @ I = | J = % K = / L = ¥ M = - N = __ O = () P = 9 Q = [] R = <> S = (() T = •= U = :- V = ~ W = /+ X = ^ Y = •w• Z = $ [/spoiler] ★ Current Pathetic Level: 220041000 [/color] [color=#626262]★ 🚨WEE WOO WEE WOO KARKAT HERE.🚨IT'S THE FUN POLICE, PRESENT AND WILLING TO FORCE A THROB STALK DOWN THE PROTEIN CHUTE OF ANYONE STEPPING THEIR IMPRUDENT HOOVES OUT OF LINE. BEHAVE YOURSELF IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE ON THE AURICULAR END OF ONE OF MY DANCESTOR'S LECTURES, OR WORSE, THE CONVICT END OF MY SICKLE. (Karkat is semi-functionally running on UTC, probably tired at any given moment and at the moment only makes a rare appearance when he's not busy playing with animals. Human behind the crab is always willing to listen and talk if you need it!) #66 [url=https://puu.sh/zDETS/951dc9e052.png]wowie[/url] ★ Pathetic Level: 420420420420[/color] [color=#7fc56b]★ Hello it is I, [del]green text[/del] Tutu, Your God (tm). I’m almost always Jade or Jadebot and usually here if the other mods aren’t. Find me in this hell chat at 6 am. I’ll be in charge while Josh is fucking dead. I’m the self appointed “user wrangler” so if you have an issue that needs the gentle hand of democracy, call me beep me if you wanna reach me! 👁〰️➖ #22 ★ Pathetic Level: 47776588885 [/color] [color=#c45842] ★ Pathetic Level Averaged: 200041000 ★ Equation to find meme level: Pathetic Level + [i]Advanced trash[/i] ÷ How many memes shared = meme level ★[url=http://www.theuselessweb.com/ ] Meme Master Link[/url]★ ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆ [/color] [color=#b76f35]★ 1. Keep all roleplay SFW - some nsfw talk is allowed for the purpose of humour, but nothing too explicit and it shouldn't form the entire basis of a discussion. Remember that there will be minors in this room. Please take any NSFW roleplay to another room. [/color] [color=#bfb34e] ★ 2. Canon Homestuck (NOT Hiveswap, sorry!) Characters Only (unless otherwise permitted) - doubles are allowed! AUs such as humanstuck, bloodswaps, etc. are allowed but please double check with a mod beforehand.[/color] [color=#9dbf4e]★ 3. Be friendly and respect the people behind the roleplay. This means no character/ship shaming, ship forcing, godmodding, etc. Do not let IC drama become OOC - the two are not one and the same. If you have a serious issue with another roleplayer, PM a mod. Do not ignore others and where you can ensure everyone is being interacted with - and on the other side, please don't be rude and complain or try to forcefully get attention if you aren't as involved as you would like. Politely ask if you can join in instead and appreciate if people are too busy.[/color] [color=#53a040](this rule is invalid until Josh Returns. No New Ocs please. Not even Tutu can approve them :/)★ 4. If you would like to request to use a Homestuck OC, please ask Mod Kankri/Josh. An OC can only be permitted if you have been an active regular for at least two weeks, and if you have roleplayed with Mod Josh. We have to get to know you! If you are permitted to roleplay an OC, a picture reference is needed as well as a description of everything important about them in your refs. One OC per user unless otherwise noted. [/color] [color=#40a066]★ 5. If you think something you say could be potentially upsetting to someone, please spoiler it and always #tag accordingly. If you don't know if it is or not, spoiler it anyway just in case! Be courteous of other people's feelings if they ask you to spoiler certain topics of discussion - and remember there are some topics that shouldn't be brought up at all, especially in a SFW room. [spoiler]This includes extreme NSFW content, non-canon substance abuse, heavy gore and violence.[/spoiler] [/color] [color=#408ea0]★ 6. Please listen to the mods. If you do not agree with a warning a mod has issued, take it up with them privately.[/color] [color=#4058a0]★ 7. Have fun![/color] [color=#6940a0]★ 7.5 You must not ask for only one sugar poof.[/color] [color=#7f30a2] ★ 8. There is no best roleplayer nor worst roleplayer. Try your best to roleplay characters consistently and true to their canon selves; if you wish to give another roleplayer advice, please do so respectively and constructively; if you are on the receiving end of such advice, be courteous and do not get upset with people who are trying to help you improve. [/color] [color=#962fa1]★ 9. If your actions are against the rules and/or make several people uncomfortable, three strikes and you're out. Listen to and understand warnings you are given.[/color] [color=#a12f83]★ 10. Please try to keep the balance between lighthearted and fun roleplay and the more serious topics - while a little bit of angst is okay, this is meant to be a fun room! Don't let this equate to ridiculous amounts of OOC/shitpost shenanigans - again, balance is key. ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆ [/color] [color=#a12f6e][bgcolor=#f2cdc6] An important message from Kankri; KANKRI: Any questi9ona6le 9r p9ssi6ly triggering c9ntent within this chat r99m will N9T 6e t9lerated. This is anything um6rellaed under pr96lematic c9ntent. If y9u d9n't kn9w whether what y9u're saying is triggering 9r n9t, y9u 9bvi9usly d9n't 6el9ng here.[/bgcolor][/color] [color=#a02e47]On a final note, occasionally mod Josh will ask for a roll call. This is when things get too hectic, or die down too much. Please be courteous, and if you are roleplaying, please state if you are still active at the moment. Hey uh, tag your damn spoilers. Please. Not trying to be overly strict it’s just that when you spoiler something so everyone doesn’t have to see it but don’t say what potentially sensitive subject is being discussed it’s kind of a moot point. ☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆☆~-~☆ [sup]all this aesthetic and color was made by dreams This place of Trash was born on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017. [/sup][/color]