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Just Another Fansession! Full


In the depths of Paradox Space, another session of Sburb/Sgrub is destined to played. Four Humans and Four Trolls have been unknowingly chosen to play the game of gods. Each of these players have been invited to a memo by a [color=#ffffff] Mr. Vanilla Technician[/color] Linked items from Vanilla [u]SBURBSRV.exe SBURBCLI.exe SGRUBSRV.exe SGRUBCLI.exe [/u] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XbElITxe5kjtcvK-s4kled34JTDtUZZ1ZtuiYd1YRfs/edit?usp=sharing]Doc Scratch Info[/url] [url=https://discord.gg/b2sD3ee]Discord[/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Al3wKthZm7BneS6QOwCBfF0cpOw_uAHypijl5z8R4xY/edit?usp=sharing]Sheets[/url] [url=https://pastebin.com/0d1MHV2N]Some BBC code[/url] Application [raw] [spoiler] Name: [br] Handle: [br] Gender: [br] Age: [br] Hex/Blood Color: [br] Strife Specibus: [br] Dream Moon: [br] Godtier: [br] Land: [br] [/spoiler] [/raw] Guidelines - Humans must have four-letter first names - Trolls must have six-letter first names and last names - No double classpects - Moons must be balanced only a total of 4 Prospit and 4 Derse. - Double castes are fine for trolls, with the exception of mutantbloods and fuchsiabloods


1) Have fun! What's the point of this chat if you're not? 2) Be respectful, or no one will want to rp with you. Contact the mods with any concerns regarding this. 3) NSFW jokes and innuendos are good, but put any potentially triggering content in spoilers. 4) Gore is fine. Gratuitous gore is not. 5) Be active! We're looking for committed roleplayers, and if you don't show up for a week or two you will be cleared from the sheets. Let us know if you need to be gone for an extended amount of time. 4) Memes are only allowed if dank. 5) OOC has to have (( or another symbol without a handle (PN:). Character actions can be denoted however you like. If you're typing (( or /> but it still shows your handle, you need to add it as a prefix instead of as a nickname. 6) No godmodding, try and keep it reasonable. 7) After reading everything, fill out the application in the description and post it in spoilers or on the discord. If we approve the character, you can add them to the sheets. 8) If you read the rules, type I Told You About Stairs Bro