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Looking for the following characters: Kanaya and Aradia


Welcome to HIVEBEND. We are a semi-advanced roleplay group currently seeking participants. If you wish to join, please check the topic description to see what characters are currently available, and then post within this chat making your claim. This is NOT a roleplay chat; you will be given access to all of that after being accepted. HIVEBEND is an alternative universe beta troll session. Many factors of their original session have changed, the most obvious being that all of the troll's Aspects have been changed around. This is a session that is meant to be doomed, as it is not the canon session, and Doc Scratch will do everything in his power to ensure that happens. But sometimes stupid things happen. Sometimes, it doesn't exactly go according to plan. Will this doomed session surprise even the omnipresent? Current Roster: Tavros Nitram - Page of Mind Sollux Captor - Mage of Void Karkat Vantas - Knight of Life Nepeta Leijon - Rogue of Rage Terezi Pyrope - Seer of Doom Vriska Serket - Thief of Time Equius Zahnak - Heir of Space Gamzee Makara - Bard of Light Eridan Ampora - Prince of Blood Feferi Peixes - Witch of Heart


1. This is NOT a roleplay chat. This is primarily a recruitment chat for a larger RP. But, you're free to test out quirks or have little roleplay sessions in here. I don't mind. 2. Respect AA, CT, and CC as they are the ones running this RP. 3. If accepted, we will ask to private message you, in which we will send you our Discord link and further instructions in how to participate.