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Current topic

Poly-centric RP group for Hades! This is the OOC chat and probably the better chat for newcomers to pop into to take a look at what exactly is going on here. Find the links to both the long form and the short form IC chats within!


OOC chat for Hadespolyparty and Hadespolypartybutlonger ! Go ham [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14nFZ5hA6eVdcKn6jFEq8LjQTyo4GWxlmqIZeX0gGbI4/edit?usp=sharing]CODEX OF RESERVED CHARACTERS[/url] [url=https://mxrp.chat/hadespolypartybutlonger]LONG FORM RP CHAT (para)[/url] [url=https://mxrp.chat/hadespolyparty]SHORT FORM RP CHAT (script)[/url] ADMIN: #1— [color=#7095ac]OZZIE! (Hypnos / Orpheus)[/color] MODS: TBA!


— THIS IS THE OOC CHAT! NO RP WILL TAKE PLACE HERE! — This chat operates under a poly umbrella, and the assumption that most, if not all ot the characters are sexually involved with one another to some extent. This does not discount the romantic relationships that might form between some characters, but it instead serves to allow everyone some form of intimate interaction without feeling left out. ▪︎The exact nature of every relationship is up to the individual muns. For example, Zagreus could be romantically and sexually involved with Thanatos, while also engaging in hate-sex type acts with Meg and platonic FWB with Hypnos and others. ▪︎ this does NOT mean you can barge into someone's scene without consent, nor does it mean that you can force ship. Yes this operates under a poly umbrella but not every single character is going to have super in depth, fleshed out relationships with every other character. —On that note, please take any explicit NSFW scenes that last for a hour or more irl time absolutely AREN'T meant to have anybody else join in to a chat of your own so it wont take up too much space in chat ▪︎ if anybody is uncomfortable with some kink you're writing and requests you move it to private, please do so with ok it arguement —Dont Yuck my Yum! Discomfort and requests to move to an alternate chat is allowed, but shaming is not. This applies to taboo topics such as incest, non/dubcon, ect. As long as both parties consent it's alright to write, but anyone forcing another party to write something they are uncomfortable with or making fun of someone FOR their reasonable discomfort will be kicked. — Mod's word is law. Common sense/courtesy is also law. Don’t be that person trying to find loopholes in the rules, we’re all here to have fun. And yes we are trigger happy with the ban hammer here. — Fuck your drama. If you have issues with another user take it to DMs, This was made for hobby / fixation purposes and any unnsessecary Shit wont be tolerated. — You can reserve one (1) character, more if you've proven yourself a particularly active member such as being a mod, but if you reserve a character you must use that character at least semi regularly. If you haven't written that character in 5 days without notifying mods of an absence and someone inquires about writing them, you will lose your reserve. ▪︎you don't have to reserve a character to write them, but if you come back and somebody is actively writing that character or has reserved that character, you're outta luck. ▪︎contact a mod to reserve a character! — No cisbends (such as fem!Zagreus) but Trans and Non-Binary headcanons are welcome. — No Original Characters, this chat is canon only. Some OCs may be temporarily used if they are for plot purposes only (supporting/temporary characters for plot advancement) but cannot become more used than your canon muses. — No crossovers. I repeat, this chat is Canon Only. — Once you have read all of these rules, send [i]Pom of Power acquired![/i] to the OOC chat to tell the mods you have in fact paid attention to this shit