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New Management

After many years of standing at the helm, Odin has retired and passed ownership of MxRP to Thellere. We wish him all the best! The MxRP Discord has gone patreon and kickstarter-only. Everyone will still be able to view the news and announcement channels but otherwise will not be able to interact in the server without being either a patreon or kickstarter supporter.

In addition to the mixup of site ownership, the old staff have been let go and new ones will be selected through an application process as the need arises, with old staff able to reapply under the new standards of scrutiny. We stand on the shoulders of giants, the hard work and dedication of everyone involved up until this point has gotten us to where we are now, and we hope to go even further in the coming years.

We're still working on the transfer of a few key components, such as the twitter account. In the meantime for those unable or unwilling to join the discord server, here are the relevant updates about this ongoing transition straight from Thell in pastebin form. We also intend to put out a FAQ soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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