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Sburb is fated to be played once more, seemingly by new players, but these players bear the souls of the original cast! A canon fansession with a *twist* | Many spots open!


Several Millennia have gone by since the Kids played and beat the game. They have since been forgotten by the inhabitants of Earth C though several of their things still remain upon the planet. Though the game is never truly over 8 Humans and 12 Troll have been born all bearing the souls of those who originally played. They are destined to play the game once more. Each of the Reincarnates have found themselves invited to a memo created by an unknown user. The memo is simply titled [color=#2ed73a]IT IS NEVER OVER[/color] [color=#ff0000]Everyone now has Auto entered into the game for the sake of progressing the rp and not being stagnant.[/color] [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xyoI9dG1AESct4YGMSJRU1ASjyH7jqoakmdeCjCQDMY/edit?usp=sharing] Reserves [/url] [url=https://discord.gg/jRdzsfS]Discord[/url] [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bHWb30JL8oTJ070EM8NdcO0W17oIxFSxg9BEehrm0KM/edit?usp=sharing]Lore Page[/url] [url=https://pastebin.com/0d1MHV2N]Some BBC code[/url] [color=#008888]Guidelines! [/color] - A character must share their former self's dream moon, aspect, and last name - First names must fit the 4-letter rule for humans, and the 6-Letter rule for trolls - You should stay somewhat faithful to the former self's personality, but fun twists are encouraged! - Trolls ARE allowed to reincarnate as humans and vice versa!! - Trolls CAN reincarnate as a different blood color. Duplicate Blood color is fine - A character's handle must either a) have the same acronym as the former self's, or b) include a word from the former self's handle - Characters may have flashbacks of their former life, but cannot remember their former name until they have attained god tier Note on Multimusing. You cannot multimuse without #1 permission or a mod You also must be a dedicated rper to be considered for multimusing [color=#008888]Character App[/color] [raw] NAME: [br] HANDLE: [br] GENDER: [br] BLOODCOLOR OR HUMAN: [br] ASPECT AND CLASS: [br] LUNAR SWING: [br] LAND: [br] CONSORTS: [br] PERSONALITY: [br] STRIFE WEAPON: [br] FORMER SELF: [br] OTHER: [br] [/raw]


1) Have fun! What's the point of this chat if you're not? 2) Be respectful, or no one will want to rp with you. Contact the mods with any concerns regarding this. 3) NSFW jokes and innuendos are good, but put any potentially triggering content in spoilers. 4) Gore is fine. Gratuitous gore is not. 5) Be active! We're looking for commited roleplayers, and if you don't show up for a week you will be cleared from the sheets. Let us know if you need to be gone for an extended amount of time. 4) Memes are only allowed if dank. 5) OOC has to have (( or another symbol without a handle (PN:). Character actions can be denoted however you like. If you're typing (( or /> but it still shows your handle, you need to add it as a prefix instead of as a nickname. 6) No godmodding, try and keep it reasonable. 7) After reading everything, fill out the application in the description and post it in spoilers or on the discord. If we approve the character, you can add them to the sheets. 8) If you read the rules, type I Told You About Stairs Bro