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CHAT RESTART X2! Except this time this is a Post-Sburb hangout now.


Yes hello this is probably the millionth generic Post-Sburb group chat with a house for all characters to live (Source credit of the first person I saw do this: Lee. ily). Sorry about it. They can just be so interesting and fun sometimes. :) But anyways, welcome home! The setting takes place on new Earth in a big ass house with several rooms for anyone to stay, however this is claimed to be Jake and Dirk's house, meaning they are official owners, as of now. If more than one room needs to be made, more will be made (and if that also includes bedrooms, only those with reserved characters AND are also considered regulars will be able to ask for one, if they want one, after a few days)! [u]And if there ARE bedrooms, please do NOT go into them without having permission by the person who owns it.[/u] [url=https://msparp.com/insert_nsfw_here]NSFW Room/Closet/Whatever.[/url] [url=https://msparp.com/the_coolest_room]Jake's Room.[/url] [url=https://msparp.com/shutup]OOC Room[/url] Mods: [i][color=#1f9400][1] Jake English - Chat Creator[/color][/i] [i][color=#f2a400][514] Dirk Strider - A nerd[/color][/i] Reserves: [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19s4oCEnSelIwgsznqFv1LXo6r6dAtMnIeOwVUnclzxI/edit?usp=sharing]here.[/url] [u]KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE RESERVING A CHARACTER[/u]: If you somehow disappear without telling any of the mods and you are gone for more than 48 hours, your reserve will be cleared and your character will be open for grabs. However if you do tell a mod you'll be gone for a certain amount of time, we will go into the reserves and set you as "away" so your character will remain untouched. :)


1. Canon Homestuck characters please!!! (Kidswaps/Bloodswaps and Hiveswap characters are allowed.) 2. No goddmodding. 3. Please try to not kill someone off right away unless the person of the character you are trying to kill gives you permission. This tags back to rule numero dos. 4. No shipbashing/forced shipping. That shit just isn't cool. 5. Keep the OOC to a minimum. 6. Smut is allowed in the main room, however for purposes we ALL know about, do NOT be involved if you are below 18. Not a lot of people fully understand that people can get in legal trouble for this, even if it's not their fault, and it's just not cool. Even with consent it is ILLEGAL. Don't do it. (Also on the smut part, if something starts in the main room and someone is uncomfortable with seeing it, please either use spoilers or go into the NSFW room or another bedroom or whatever. 7. No doubles, however alternate versions/kidswaps/bloodswaps/other different shit are allowed. 8. Changing your acronym would be AWESOME. (ex. [EB] -> [JOHN]) And PLEASE have it in [u]CAPITAL LETTERS[/u]. I cannot stress that enough lmao. 9. Get schwifty. 10. Don't be an asshole. If with reason, mods can be assholes if it's necessary. 11. Tagging with rule 10, what the mods say goes. 12. If you use 'XD', or any variation of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) especially if you use '~' you will be muted for a little bit. (Using them ironically is okay.)